Orlena’s design didn’t come easy to me; I scrapped so many that she doesn’t look a thing like what I originally imagined. Despite my frustration, I couldn’t be happier with the results since I feel she’s one of the most uniquely designed characters I’ve ever made. Orlena is a 35 year-old woman who’s overly passionate, confident, and pays too much attention to order and detail. My intentions were to create her for the Pokemon franchise. Since Pokemon is rich in character designing, and I’ve held an interest in it for most of my life, I felt a strong urge to create and develop someone for this world.

Here we have a basic design of her uniform from time in Team Magma. Deciding to include her in this villainous team is what inspired me to decide on her permanent hair color. My original intention was to give her mint-green hair which didn’t sit right with me at all. This drawing was also a great opportunity for me to practice some basic anatomy. Some of my proportions could use some work like her legs, feet and the size of her torso, but I’m proud of the way other details came out such as her arms and hands.

Some quick sketches showing the different outfits she has in her wardrobe. Pokemon Contests are her ultimate passion, and her contest outfit is based on Mega Medicham’s design since her signature Pokemon is a Medicham named Hera. Keeping her in-touch with her feminine side was most important in designing her garments. Orlena isn’t afraid to embrace her femininity while standing her grounds.

Pokemon and any of its likeness belongs entirely to the Nintendo Company.
Orlena belongs to me.