Carnelian’s designs were so enjoyable and fun to create. My intentions were to make her a “fashionable bookworm”, thus why she has unique transparent sweaters and elegant white dresses. The carnelian gemstones have a wide variety of red and orange hues, even some traces of white. I chose this gem due to the many color options I could work from.

different forms

To the far left, we have her original design, or form. Her middle design is her current form, and her form to the far right is a hypothetical design if she were to join the Crystal Gems. Her weapon is a scepter that’s used to store and retrieve knowledge and other information. I didn’t want her to be a fighter. As a matter of fact, she’s more of a scholar and historian/archivist. Her biggest strength and downfall is her courage and ability to speak her mind. She’s a bit spoiled and materialistic, but extremely loyal and loving to those she deeply cares about. She can be rather cold and aloof to others.

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Carnelian belongs to me.