Stronger Together

A blackout poem based on an internet article I find personal truth in. Objective of the assignment was to find an article and “blackout”, or get rid of, certain words. The remaining words should form a poem or story. Link to original article:

I probably spend too much time on the Internet
I have trouble making friends
This is something I’m trying to work on

One mistake turns people into pariahs
There’s no room for anyone to exist that is still learning
or still being exposed to new ideas.

But it’s also partially due to the fact that
many of these groups feel powerless
and don’t have control over their lot in life

Not everyone sees this as an opportunity to get some of that control back
Break them down and drag them.
If you can’t make a difference in the world
then you can at least make things go exactly your way
using fear and shame as tools for control.

And I’m not saying people shouldn’t get angry at how they’re treated
It scares away people from wanting to say anything progressive at all
If you do it wrong you can get hate mobbed
And it definitely won’t change any minds outside of this little bubble

Fight the real enemy
Don’t fight each other
We’re always stronger together