Lonesome Without You

An Ekphrasis poem based on “Luncheon of the Boating Party” by artist Pierre-Auguste Renoir. Objective of the poem was to include at least one example of personification, at least two examples of a simile, at least one example of a metaphor, and at least one example of onomatopoeia and/or metonym.

I’d rather share my lonesome evenings with you,
there isn’t just one you.
Our wine glasses collide and clank.
Then again with hers full,
now drinking and disappearing from the glass’ brim.

Amiable sunshine joins as our unexpected guest,
conversing with us before it goes to rest for the night.
Refusing to be lonesome before the day’s end.
Continuous chatter,
like the cicada’s ceaseless singing all summer’s day.
Cooing her pet as if it were here offspring,
he carefully watches over us with arms made of steel beams.
Perhaps this evening will never end,
with so many more joining our fest.
My evenings are lonesome without you.