Learn to Let Go

A poem describing the writer’s point of view and personal experience with emotional abuse. Objective of assignment was to create a poem or brief personal narrative toward an event that caused the writer to become angry or upset but couldn’t speak their mind due to various reasons.

Summer after high school’s end,
killing ten years with our bare hands.
Fear so unbearable I thought I couldn’t mend.

Seventh grade with stars in our eyes,
innocence meeting its demise.
Verbal abuse so soon?
Too deaf to listen to abuse’s tune.

His home was a battle ground.
My home had no ground.
Kindness made no sound.
Only the sound of him tearing me down.

I surrendered my confidence and gave it to him,
carefully wrapped in shame and distress.
His sharp tongue cutting me open,
out poured a mess.

We’re through but my mess still lingered.
Honest words slipped through my fingers.
Forcing his presence to grow wings and fly.
Honestly couldn’t tell him why.

Summer winds showed me his face.
Reminders that the truth is still locked in my cage.
Anger stole my anxiety’s place,
when I saw his face in the damp summer winds.

My silence made us and tore us apart.
Such a skill is a mastered form of art.
He was the one who made me perfect this skill.
Such a skill can make time stand still.

Fear so unbearable I managed to mend.
Everyday I realize I’m better off without him.
Abuse trying to fly in that summer wind,
but I clipped its wings.