Artwork Specs

Artist Name: Sandra Roffi
Title: Comfort Zone
Medium: Cardboard, crate paper, used curtain, playing cards, newspaper, chain, string, silver key
Dimensions: 8×8

Composition Analysis

What is the artwork degree of representation and why?
~Representational- realism.
What are the Elements of Design used?
~Shape, line, texture, color.
What are the Principles of Organization used?
~Repetition, approximate symmetry, dominance.
How are the Elements of Design and Principles of Organization used? Is the work harmonic, chaotic, energetic, melancholic, etc… Why?
~The piece goes from a bit chaotic and energetic to calm.
Can you identify a focal point? Does the work convey depth? Describe how the artist visually achieved or not these characteristics in the composition.
~ A focal point I chose to work with was the bird and the people surrounding it. There is some depth, but I kept it mostly consistent. I feel that the people surrounding the bird achieved my intentions of a focal point.

Artwork Critique

Does the design achieve the proposed content (and subject matter)? Why and how?
~I feel it does. It represents how strongly I feel about my own, personal space, and how my personal space is something I value greatly.
What is the strongest aspect of the design?
~The strongest aspect of my composition is the top half. It conveys the most meaning, detail, and design.
What is the weakest aspect of the design?
~The weakest aspect of my composition is the bottom half. There isn’t much meaning, and I found it the hardest part to work with.
Should anything be deleted?
~The green crate paper representing the grass.
Should anything be repeated?
~No, I feel I added enough repetition with the playing card cut-outs and newspaper clippings.
Can the project be strengthened conceptually? How?
~Different mediums used on the bottom half of the project.
Can the project be strengthened technically? How?
~More variety could have been added, like better use of contrast. More use of the rule of thirds for better proportion could have also been used more effectively.


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