Colleague Critique


Artwork Specs

Artist Name: Isaac Morales
Title: Perfect Paradise
Medium: Cardboard, cotton swabs, pillow cushioning, fabric, muslin, magazine cut-outs, various glitter, white canvas material.
Dimensions: 11×12

Composition Analysis

What is the artwork degree of representation and why?
~Representational- naturalism.
What are the Elements of Design used?
~Shape, texture, color, space, proportion.
What are the Principles of Organization used?
~Rhythm, repetition, movement.
How are the Elements of Design and Principles of Organization used? Is the work harmonic, chaotic, energetic, melancholic, etc… Why?
~The piece has a harmonic feel due the movement of the waves and how the beach brings feelings of relaxation and peace.
Can you identify a focal point? Does the work convey depth? Describe how the artist visually achieved or not these characteristics in the composition.
~I identified the focal point as the palm tree to the left of the composition. It is closer to viwers in space, and has the most vibrant colors. Especially the green leaves.

Artwork Critique

Does the design achieve the proposed content (and subject matter)? Why and how?
~I believe it does. Viewers can easily identify that the location is a beach due to the details of the water, sand, and palm trees. The bottles in the sand also add more emphasis that it’s a beach.
What is the strongest aspect of the design?
~The strongest aspect of this piece is the texture put into the sand and water using the glitter.
What is the weakest aspect of the design?
~The weakest aspect is the cut-out of the sun.
Should anything be deleted?
~The cut-out of the sun should be replaced with a more detailed sun. The sun doesn’t attract much attention, which doesn’t effect the composition, but would have been an interesting addition.
Should anything be repeated?
~No, enough repetition is used with the bottles and clouds.
Can the project be strengthened conceptually? How?
~The composition is already strong, but as mentioned, a different sun made from a different medium could have added more of a warm feeling and more warm colors to the composition. An odd number of clouds would have also provided more asymmetry to the composition.
Can the project be strengthened technically? How?
~On a technical stand-point, I feel that he effectively accomplished the listed elements of design and principles of organization.


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